Zanies Toughstructable Camo Bones

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Your girl is a persistent chewer, so you know all about rotating through toys and monitoring play-time with certain kinds.

Toughstructable Camo Bones by Zanies will give you a break from all that!

Made in the USA with the same rugged canvas used in sturdy luggage and edged in a thick trim of nylon-webbing, the Camo Bone has a squeaker hidden within that’ll keep your pal interested!

Karen changes out her Labrador’s toys regularly. “I like the days his Camo Bones are in the mix, because I don’t have to keep AS close of an eye. I put most his toys up once I’m done with stuff I need to do anyway, so it’s lasted us well so far.”

An afternoon of uninterrupted work? It’s a good thing these toys arrive within 3 to 5 business days. You can plot out next week’s tasks!

If your doggo has a summertime pool or loves to play at the beach, the Toughstructable bones are waterproof — and they float. How fun is that?

Give her something that’ll keep her busy and save you some cash on restocking toys!

Features We Love

  • Durable luggage material
  • Minimal stuffing
  • Waterproof - and it floats!
  • Sturdy squeaker


Color: Pink, Green
Size: Small - 6"
Large - 10.75"

Included: 1 Pc Zanies Toughstructable Camo Bones