JW Pet Rockin Treat Ball

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Folding laundry. Cleaning your bathroom. Meal prep for the week. You’ve got things to do, but your dog just wants to play! Grab the Rockin Treat Ball, fill it up, and she’ll be off on a playful adventure that combines learning, enjoyment, and catching rewards — so you can catch up on that to-do list!

Modernly designed, the toy is a cinch for your dog to fetch and carry. It rocks, it rolls, it slides… and when your pal boops it just right, prizes are dispensed along the way. Pig ears or other larger treats can be tucked in the ball’s framework, which makes it easy to change things up and keep the play exciting!

Tested by multiple dogs for long-term play and use, the nylon frame is certified non-toxic and can withstand tough chewers. Holly writes that her Mastiff would chase it around on her hardwood floors all day if allowed! Still, since Treat Balls and Treat Pods aren’t meant to be full-on chew toys, it’s best to monitor your dog’s play during the first go.

Lots of different treats can be used with the Rockin Treat ball. Variety is the spice of life, and your doggo will love you for it!

Features We Love

  • Modern, interactive, learning
  • Combines play and reward
  • Tested by dogs for long-term play
  • Certified non-toxic, nylon frame
  • Easy to carry, easy to fetch


Color: White/Blue
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 9"
Recommended Life Stage: Adult
Recommended Breeds: All

Included: 1 Pc JW Pet Rockin' Treat Ball