JW Pet Ricky Raccoon Crackle Heads Plush Dog Toy

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Hello? Yes, we’ve got an APB out on a bandit loose in the house! Suspect is an unarmed, pink raccoon. Suspect has a squeaker in its belly and reports are coming in that its head crinkles like a crushed water bottle. We need your dog to respond immediately!

But when your furry pal catches the bandit, there will be no need to toss it in a cell — or the trash can — because the Ricky Raccoon Crackle Heads Plush Dog Toy by JW Pet is meant to take a chewing. This stuffing-free toy has a squeaker in its tail, and the patent pending Bottle Ball has no sharp rings or caps that could harm your doggo’s lips or gums.

And that’s if he even managed to rip it open! Nikki has a young adult pit bull mix who is highly active and playful, so she does limit his “patrol time” around certain toys. “It’s held up really well so far,” she wrote. “They were cheap enough that I actually bought 3, but we’ve been on the first one for a few weeks so far and it’s still intact!”

She also said he goes nuts over that water bottle sound… but what dog wouldn’t? It squeaks. It crackles. It occupies. Get your pooch on the chase to catch the Crackle Heads Ricky Raccoon!


  • Patent pending crackling Bottle Ball in each head
  • Stuffing-free and durable
  • Sounds that dogs love to hear (squeaker, water-bottle crackle)
  • Tested by dogs for long-term play


Color: Pink
Size: 12” long, 2.5” crackle head (M)
Recommended Life Stage: Puppy, Adult
Recommended Breeds: All

Included: 1 Pc JW Pet Crackle Heads Plush Dog Toy - Ricky Raccoon