Spot Hextex Bone Dog Toy

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The sadness of busted squeakers. The stuffing of shredded plushies. The dangers of cooked bones.

Throw your dog a bone that won't get thrown away in pieces! The Hextex Bone Dog Toy by Spot combines strength, safety, and longevity for hours of satisfaction and play for your pooch.

Made with dual-textured ballistic nylon and rubber, any dog can snatch up this bone-shaped toy in a flash, which makes it perfect for playing fetch out in the yard or park. Does your dog sometimes lose sight of her toy when you toss it? Jessica writes, “my dog is wonderfully derpy, but so am I — especially when we try to play fetch. The bright colors of the bone make it easier for both of us to find where I threw it!”

It also features reinforced binding and tiny, raised nubs that massage, stimulate, and then soothe your dog’s teeth and gums. This means your pooch can sprawl out and chew to her heart’s content while you’re working or watching TV — and you won’t have to fret over aftermath messes or hazards to your beloved doggo.


  • Ballistic nylon and rubber; dual-textured
  • Raised nubs to massage and soothe gums
  • Reinforced binding for extra durability
  • High visibility colors
  • Tested by dogs for long-term play


Color: Assorted, Neon
Size: 9" Long
Recommended Life Stage: Older Puppy, Adult
Recommended Breeds: All

NOTE:Colors will ship randomly: pink, green, blue, orange, or red.

Included: 1 Pc Spot Hextex Bone Dog Toy