Interactive Rubber Teeth Cleaner Toy

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Looking for an easier tooth cleaning routine for your dog that they will actually enjoy? Getting your dog to hold still while you brush their teeth is not the easiest task, but without daily dental care they are at risk for not only bad breath but gum disease, tooth decay and infections.

The Interactive Rubber Teeth Cleaner toy allows your dog to keep their own teeth healthy - with incentive! Fill it up with their favorite treats or dry kibble and they will chew away!

The unique design is perfect for chewing, helping to massage their gums and keep their teeth clean. It's made of natural rubber so it's non-irritating and non-toxic.


  • Safe and easy way to help keep your dog's teeth/mouth healthy
  • Fill the toy up with treats and kibble to entice your dog to chew
  • Ideal for dogs who won't let you clean their teeth manually


Color: Orange, Blue
Material: Rubber
Size: 5.9 in x 1.9 in x 1.9 in

Includes: 1 Pc Interactive Rubber Teeth Cleaner Toy