Frenchie Roast Starbarks with Lid Plush Doggie Toy

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Man, she is full of energy today! I could really use a coffee...

Don’t leave her in the dark when you come back with your delectable, caffeinated treat! This play off the popular place of tasty fuel features a secure squeaker, and a cleverly embroidered “cup sleeve” that mirrors the original.

Enjoy your daily cup of coffee with your best friend. She’ll paw it, toss it, and fetch it — but at least she’ll never spill it!

As a bonus, plush toys like this are perfect for training dogs how to recognize the soft, squishy feeling so that not only will your posh slippers or nice furniture be spared, but her toys can last longer, too!

Features We Love

  • Secure squeaker
  • Fun brand parody
  • Great gift for dog & coffee lovers


Color: As Pictured
Size: Mini: 4" Regular: 7"

Included: 1 Pc Starbarks with Lid Plush Doggie Toy - Frenchie Roast