Animal Rope Chewy Toy

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Do you have a small dog or puppy who really likes to chew things? Perhaps they have a bit of bad breath or tartar on their teeth? An easy way to help with both those problems are these chewy rope toys!

Not only do they help settle the urge for chewing, they prevent oral disease and help to keep their mouth clean. Made of tough cotton thread, they are stronga and last a decent amount of time.


  • Natural option for all chewers
  • Strong and tough


Material: Cotton Thread
Color: Red Bear, Yellow Duck, Grey Elephant, Brown Lion, Blue Monkey
Size: Approx. Bear: 130x50mm, Duck: 120x80mm, Lion: 160x70mm, Monkey: 145x60mm, Elephant: 280x70mm

Included: 1 Pc Animal Rope Chewy Toy