Punk Rock Doggie Bowl

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Your pup is one-of-a-kind - let them show off their "bad" side with this Punk Rock Doggie Bowl! This unqiue design is not only fun to look at, but also aids in easier eating and better digestion.

This bowl is thick and durable, sure to last, with a large opening for easy cleaning.


  • Slight angled design for better eating
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Large and round opening for food


  • Small - 5.98 x 2.13 in(31 cm x 31 cm x 30 cm, 1.8 cm thick)
  • Medium - 8.19 x 2.68 in(36 cm x 36 cm x 32 cm, 1.8 cm thick)


Material: Plastic
Colors: Black, White

Included: 1 Pc Punk Rock Doggie Bowl