3 Step Doggie Stairs

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Some dogs need a little extra help: those with joint or hip problems, arthritis, age, and those who may have a handicap. Perhaps they don't like to be picked up but are always hurting themselves trying to jump up on a bed or a couch.

These handy, easy to carry and move around, doggie stairs will help your dog reach those high up areas without hurting themselves. Easy to assemble, the cover pops right off for an easy cleaning.

These stairs give your dogs the easy access to their favorite spots they crave in a safe and comfortable way.


  • Safe and stable stairs
  • Removable cover, washable
  • Ideal for dogs 20 lbs and under only


Color: As pictured
Material: PP/Lint
Size: 13.7 in x 17.6 in x 11.7 in
Cover Thickness: 0.4 in

Includes: 1 Pc 3 Step Doggie Stairs, 1 Pc Stairs Cover