The Dog Supplements I Use and Why

Before I begin, let me just state that everything I use has been approved by my vet. Every dog is different, what works for mine might not work for yours but I only stand behind products that I've used and have gotten results from. Take from this what you will....

Three dogs, four products and many different issues. 3 out of 4 contain CBD which seems to be a very popular topic as of late. However, my pups have been using CBD in some form or another for over two years - earlier this year we finally found the right combinations that works for everyone.

Here's the breakdown:

Dice - 65/70lb Pitbull

Issues: Old spine injury, tight joints, anxiety when anyone goes nears his paws (nail trimmings are CRAZY), speedy eater with stomach problems


  • Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites for healthy digestion (2 each AM)
  • Kore Pet Broad Spectrum CBD 150mg for body relaxation (1 dropper with each meal) This keeps his back muscles loose so he doesn't hurt himself again.
  • Naysa Full Spectrum 1000mg (1/2 dropper before nail trims) Calms him enough to not freak out so bad when getting his nails done.

Star - 45/50lb Husky/Spaniel mix

Issues: Arthritis, sore hips, old age (13)


  • Medical Mary Happy Pets Glucosamine with 300mg CBD (1 scoop every morning) I love this because it contains all the healthy stuff she needs in one product - the anti-inflammatory relief from the CBD for arthritis and healthier joints from the glucosamine and ginger root.

Harley - 65/70lb Pointer/Spaniel mix

Issues: Untreatable/terminal fungal tumor in/on his nose


  • Naysa Full Spectrum CBD 1000mg (1 dropper with each meal)

We have tried many broad spectrum CBD brands for Harley since he can no longer take any type of medication since his liver was destroyed by taking fungal meds for over a year to help the tumor (not even a rabies shot!) It made him comfortable but didn't see any improvement in the actual tumor. After trying the full spectrum CBD for only ONE MONTH his tumor shrunk literally in half. Read that again, shrunk in HALF just taking the CBD with no other meds. I'm sold. While I do have before and after pictures to document his progress, it is a bit... gross so I'm not posting it. But if your curiosity gets the better of you or if your dog is facing something similar, send us a message on Facebook and I'll be happy to share it with you.

What supplements do you swear by??

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