This Works So Much Better Than Any Flea/Tick Medicine Out There

I've talked about my one pup Harley a few times in the past but here's a quick recap. Over two years ago he was diagnosed with a fungal tumor in his nose. After being on human anti-fungal meds for a year, and trying a few experimental surgeries, he was hardly any better AND his liver was destroyed. This meant no medications of any kind, not even a rabies shot! This also applies to flea/tick medication.

What was I going to do? Our backyard border is a river so we ALWAYS have ticks in our yard no matter what we do. Time to do some research...

I came across a company called Mosquito Joe's. I had seen their lawn signs all over the area but never really paid much attention. When I found their website I was excited to see that they had a flea/tick spraying option that was pet-friendly. I called up, spoke to the sweetest lady and scheduled my first couple of sprays, which they do every 4 weeks or so. This was in April.

I like to try out new things but I'm very skeptical. It takes quite a bit to convince me. It is now October and all three dogs have been flea/tick free since they started spraying. NOTHING! As a bonus, every BBQ we had over the summer people were saying how nice it was that there weren't any mosquitoes. It's been quite amazing and I couldn't be any happier!

I'm not quite sure if they are regional vs. national (I'm in New Jersey and they are pretty popular here) but if they can do it, there has to be a company near you that can do the same. I will NEVER use flea/tick medicine again!

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