That Time I Made My Own Dog Toys For Clients

Ok I admit it, I am a serious artsy/craftsy nerd in my non-doggie time. Painting, re-doing furniture, coloring...the list goes on and on. One day the SFYD staff was having a conversation about some type of small product we could perhaps include in our packages for the holidays, a type of "thanks for shopping with us" kind of thing.

It had to be great BUT also cost effective. I really couldn't find anything with our distributors that I liked so I turned to the next best thing (for me)...Pinterest. A paradise of innovative, fun and yes DIY projects. I found the PERFECT idea - a "knotted" dog toy made from fleecy fabric. It's sort of like the friendship bracelets you would make as a young kid, not a braid but more of a loop over, under and pull. This was the final outcome:

While we didn't use them for the store, I did end up making one for each of my regular doggie clients for the holidays. My clients are always amazing to me so I just wanted to give back. I secretly left them on kitchen counters along with a cute note and a small box of my homemade brownies for the humans. It was great! But now....what am I going to do this year??

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