The Best Dog Walking Tool?

As a professional pet sitter/walker for many years, one of the questions I'm asked the most is: What is your go-to, must always have dog walking tool? I just smile and automatically say my hands-free bungee leash. Why you ask?

  • When walking more than one dog at a time (me always!) it really helps to have one hand free at all times, to pick up poop or stop a stray dog headed your way.
  • Some dogs are VERY strong and like to pull - using this leash allows me to control the dog with my waist (shifting backwards a bit will stop the dog) instead of them yanking my arm out.
  • The bungee leash aspect allows dogs to have some freedom but automatically gives them a tug when they've gone too far. There are also two handles on the bungee leash that you can use to make it shorter if needed.
  • For better control all around, whether one dog or two. You always have your hands free for whatever you might encounter (think squirrels, other people/dogs, sudden yanks etc.)

There have been many times when I've encountered a dog who simply just walks amazing with this leash vs. any other and I'll leave it behind for other walkers to use if the dog has multiple visits. I've even persuaded a few walkers (and dog owners) to buy their own. The brand itself isn't really an issue as long as it is secured when fastened around the waist and has a bungee leash attached with handles.

Have you ever used one?

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