I Tried a Monthly Doggie Box...

Out of all three of my dogs, Dice is the only ones who likes to chew bones or play with toys. Star is just old (she's 13) and Harley has a nose issues so he would rather not. Dice is a pitbull, super lovable but a hell of a super chewer. I had pondered a BarkBox but knew he would shred that stuff in a minute (this was before they came out with the Super Chewer BarkBox) so instead we tried Bullymake as I got a deal/coupon. Try a box for $24, cancel anytime, AND customize your box with however many treats or toys you wanted. I have tons of treats so I ordered a whole box of just toys that were suppose to be good for super chewers.

Out of the four toys that came, he "liked" only two of them and one of them he chewed apart in a few minutes. So I chatted up their customer service team, sent them a picture of the destroyed toy and they said "No problem, we ship replacements only once per box but we will send it out right away." Sounds good to me!

Two weeks go by, nothing. I send them an email, they apologize and say it should be there within a week. It was. Then a few days later another one showed up. So I really got two replacements because of their accident. Sucks for them but awesome for me!

Sadly it just wasn't appeasing enough to sign up for more than just the one box, considering how much of a chewer Dice is. Not to say it won't work for everyone, and they had really nice customer service which is a huge PLUS for me with any company.

Have you tried a monthly doggie box? Tell us about it!

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