Prong Collars Are Not OK!

Listen, I'm all for people being able to make their own choices. When it doesn't cause harm to others or themselves. Prong collars HURT dogs. They rely on physical discomfort and pain to teach a dog what not to do. There is absolutely no reason at all to have a dog choke themselves trying to walk (even aggressive pullers) when any kind of harness will help control and teach them WITHOUT HARM.

With that said, I can't control what type of collar or harnesses my clients use. It is their choice. But if I'm going to walk their dog it needs to be in harmless way. I have two ways that I get around people who use prong collars:

  • I carry an adjustable harness in my car at all times.
  • Sometimes a dog doesn't like a harness because they are use to a collar or occasionally I leave my harness with a client to try out on their dog in hopes of converting them. The backup plan? Take the collar off, turn it inside out and put it back on. Still functions as their collar but the prongs are sticking out in the air instead of their tender necks.

There are so many articles out there that talk about why prong collars are inhumane - Google it. Personally, I will never use one.

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