A Pawsitive Side to School Pickup

When I have enough time in my schedule I will often bring one of my regular clients with me to pick up a bunch of kids from middle school. It's fun for the pups (ALL the kids want to pet them) and it makes the kids feel amazing because their mom brought a cute dog to school!

*Please keep in mind that I don't bring just any dog, only a select few that already live with kids and enjoy the attention*

The best part for me?? The AWESOME crossing guard that patrols a part of the one way road who keeps a bag of dog/cat treats in her pocket! The look on her face when she sees ANY animal just makes me smile from ear to ear. She lights up when she sees I have a dog with me and just can't wait to say hi and give a treat.

There is also a very sweet outdoor kitty that lives across the street from the school that all the kids call their "school mascot". She literally only appears maybe 15 minutes before school gets out and has her own routine. First she has to have the crossing guard walk her across the street so she doesn't get hit by a car, curls around her legs until she gets her treats and then gets crossed back to the other side of the street to patiently wait for all the kids to come out and pet her - they literally form a circle around her and each carefully takes a turn to pet her. Mind you these are middle school kids so they are a bit more responsible when it comes to animals, and it is pretty sweet to see how caring they are with her.

As much as I despise the headache of picking up (traffic is just awful trying to get out) that super sweet crossing guard and the kids giving love to a random cat makes it a bit more enjoyable!

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