A Backyard You Can Hear?

People have some amazing backyards that you will never see...but maybe you will hear!  Sounds weird I know but hear me out...

My amazing labradoodle client, I'll call her Nina, has a fenced in backyard but I've never used it. We always do a walk because she's young and has lots of energy. Always have good weather..until last week. It was dark and gloomy out, you could smell the rain! I was not in the mood to get poured on, and Nina is a difficult walker that makes it impossible to use an umbrella. Let's try out that backyard!

It was a nice backyard, with a deck and fire pit but nothing out of the ordinary. Nina and I start playing fetch, when suddenly I hear..quacking. Really loud quacking. I look to the next yard (just a see-through chain link fence separating the two) and see 5 ducks swimming in a beautifully made pond with a waterfall! Of course I have to walk closer...Nina follows me and doesn't even think twice about the ducks. Apparently she's use to them? Just as I'm admiring the ducks, the owner comes outside with her own dog Coco. Nina and Coco playfully say hi through the fence while the owner walks over to say hi to me. I ask about the ducks and got an earful!

To break it down, the ducks live there permanently. Coco the pup use to actually herd them into their custom built coop at night (to stay safe from other animals) but they got so use to him, and his very docile nature, that they started to ignore him. The owner laughs hard when telling me that part. So one night on a whim they ask Nina's owner if maybe she could try and get the ducks in. It was like Nina was BORN to herd ducks! Her first time went awesome and without a hitch. Maybe because she was already use to seeing the ducks every day?

Coco and Nina's owners were so impressed that it has become an every night ritual for all of them! And while I've never seen it with my own eyes, since then Nina and I go out into the backyard at every visit for at least a few minutes...just to say hi to the ducks!

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