Frozen Carrots vs. Dog Bones

In my adventures to bring our audience the best and most well-researched information graphics, I willingly admit to using my own three dogs (and occasionally other dogs that I am close to) as guinea pigs. NEVER anything harmful or bad, just the fun stuff likes treats and games to see how everyone reacts. One thing our audience seemed to really like was using frozen carrots instead of bones as a healthy alternative. Most have never heard of this option, though many use baby carrots as treats.

This was going to be FUN! After the carrots (full large ones) were frozen for 24 hours, here's how it went down:

Dice (68 lbs) He is not a picky eater, so as soon as I held it out to him he had no hesitation in grabbing it right away and carrying it to his spot. Took him about 15 minutes to get through it (super chewer!) and he kindly cleaned up after himself.

Harley (73 lbs) He smelled it and tried to take hold of it twice but seemed confused. Third time was the charm and off he went. It was probably a little too hard for him, he ate some of it but was more than happy to give the rest to Dice.

Star (55 lbs) She is SUPER picky so I had broken one in half before freezing just for her. Much to my surprise she took it right away! She refuses to eat the baby carrots so I didn't have much hope for her, but she finished the whole thing in about 40 minutes (she's old and slow).

Dice and Star now enjoy a frozen carrot once a day around lunch time. They are fully digestible and provide nutrients, what else could you ask for? Try it and let us know how it goes!

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