Superhero for the Day!

I physically saved a dog today and it has me glowing like a woman who just had a baby! Ok ok, I didn't save a dog from immediate danger BUT he was roaming around a busy street with no owners and no leash.

Here's what happened:

I was walking one of my regular clients, a 75lb lab who just turned 1 year old (so yeh still a hyper puppy). Strolling down the road and I think I see a squirrel up ahead. The lab LOVES to chase squirrels which can make my job a little difficult so I'm always on the lookout to avoid them. The "squirrel" is wondering on and off the road, around trees just having a grand time. Then it spots my dog, and literally runs towards us. The closer he gets the more I realize it's not a squirrel but a really tiny maybe 5lb dog. The lab is going crazy and the little pup has no fear, so I try to hold my big dog away with the leash while I scoop up the little guy from the sidewalk. I look around, no people out BUT the dog does have an ID tag - sweet it even has a phone number! There I am trying to hold a jumping lab down, with a 5lb dog in my other arm trying to use my cell to call the number. It was a funny HOT MESS! No answer on the phone number multiples times but I can't just leave this little pup alone. So we take him back to the house with us and I set him on the counter. I finish taking care of the lab, put her back in her crate and leave the house with the little pup.

I start driving up and down the block with the little guy on my lap, still trying to call the phone number on his tag. A few minutes later my phone rings : "Oh my god you have my dog! Please tell me you still have my dog! My kids are crying and he accidentally got outside when I was brining in groceries." I'm just down the block from her address so off we went. Pull up to see two little kids crying because they miss their dog and BOY did their faces light up when they saw I had him! My heart just burst and I was grinning from ear to ear.

I was an official superhero!

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