Same House Different Dog

Weird things and strange coincidences can occur when you've been working for the same dog walking/pet sitting company for almost 7 years. I've gone through all the "normal" stuff: pets passing, moving away (out of our working range) etc. But this year brought a new first...

A long time client, with a dog and two cats, sold their house and moved away. Coincidentally, the new owners of that house have two dogs and found our company online. They had no knowledge that the prior owners had used us until it was mentioned at their meet & greet.

The house is beautiful but also has an...unique layout. There is really only one way things can be setup in certain rooms, but I didn't think about that before visiting. When I first walked in, I blinked a few times and then just stared. To me, being in that house SO many times before, it looked like not a single thing had changed! Slightly different furniture of course, but everything in the same spots. I was a bit blown away. I could see both pups were upstairs so I just quickly walked around the first level of the house to see how far my "déjà vu" effect went. Every room. The only distinct difference I saw was all the doggie toys on the floor instead of kid toys! (hahaha)

The two new dogs were very sweet and took to me right away. We've had a few very nice walks since the first time I walked into that house with the new owners, and I'm still taken aback just a little bit each visit.

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