The Dog Jumped The Fence!

I'm always one of the first people a client comes to when they are having problems with their pups. Most of these dogs I am with on a daily basis so I guess it makes sense for them to ask me. Sometimes I can handle it other times not so much, never said I was an expert! So it's a pretty amazing thing that I have a close friend who also just happens to be a dog trainer (@DogsByLinda)!
My friend has often worked with some of my own clients and I always recommend her. Last year or so, one of my neighbors decided to get a second pup as a companion for her first pup Cleo. Cleo is a princess, she is VERY picky about what dogs she does or doesn't like. And it took many many visits with tons of rescue dogs to find one that she got along with - enter Camo!

As you can see, Cam is slender and has tons of energy! It also turns out that he's an amazing jumper...amazing enough to simply jump the backyard fence with no problem and wander around. The first time he actually did it to me I completely freaked out (I didn't know about it at the time) I thought for sure he would just run...but it turns out he just has a fascination for another dog that lives a ways behind them. Even still, can't have any dog jumping out of their backyard.  At this point, Cam was already going to doggie school (run by @DogsByLinda)to work on his anxiety and walking skills. When I called the trainer to talk about the issue she really had the perfect solution already in her head. If the fence is too short..just make it taller! But how and would it cost an arm and a leg? Check out these pictures!

What you see is cost effective and works amazing! All you need is a few slats of wood and some heavy duty plastic fencing or chicken wire (depending on your preference) Space out your posts, zip tie them to the original fence and then zip tie your material to the poles - bam! While I've heard of this solution before, I've never seen it first hand - I was blown away! A little hard work and some simple supplies found at your local Home Depot and you are all set! Have any of you seen a similar setup??

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