Can I Give You A Pizza?

In this day and age, a small kind gesture goes a LONG way. It's the ones you least expect that makes the biggest impact. I had such an experience last week and this is how it went down...

While I LOVE taking care of doggies, I do have a small list of clients who own cats that call on me when they are going away on vacation. Patty the cat is one of my favorites - she's a super cuddler and she does this awesome silent meow thing (she makes all the gestures of meowing, mouth wide, but no noise ever comes out!)

She also has a neighbor that brightens my day every time I see them. A gentle older man I'll call Jim who ALWAYS says hello, have a great day ,super polite etc. The best part?? This amazing, huge, gorgeous parrot named Nicky who is his constant companion! Not only does Nicky ride around town with Jim on his bike, he talks A LOT! He can have a full conversation with you. Most of the time I can hear the both of them talking to each other when I'm inside Patty's house with all the windows closed hahaha! I always make it a point to stop, say hello and ironically give Nicky a cracker (it's the little things right?)

Halfway through the week I find myself sitting on the couch with Patty on my lap, looking through my phone because what else are you going to do with a cat sitting on your lap? All of a sudden the doorbell rings - what the heck? I peep out the window and it's Jim...

Me: Hey Jim! Whats up?

Jim: Do you like pizza?

Me: Do you know anyone that doesn't like pizza?

Jim: (chuckle) I have a story to tell you. My mailman did a great favor for me last week so today I ordered him a personal pizza to say thank you. Wouldn't you know that he called out sick today? So I have this personal pizza and was wondering if you want it?

Me: Don't you want to eat it yourself?

Jim: I got one for myself and already ate it! You are always so nice to Nicky and I saw your car in the driveway so there is no one else I would rather give it to. Just take it...please

Me: (blushing) Are you sure?? That is really sweet of you...thank you!

He shoves the box in my hand, says your welcome with a grin and walks away. Ironically, a few minutes later the mailman showed up - how did he know that he called out if he hadn't come yet? Well damn, I just got a free pizza. For just being me (obsessed with animals!) While the pizza wasn't for me in the first place(or was it?), the fact that he gladly gave it up with appreciation for simply being nice to Nicky sincerely meant a lot to me. It made me glow a bit! I was so damn excited about that pizza,which had tons of garlic on it that I wouldn't eat it anyways,that I ran home to tell my daughter all about doing kind acts with a real life example - and then gave her the pizza! Be kind, for no reason at all!

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