Push Pushi Shell Dog Carrier

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You and your pal have places to go and things to see — rain or shine. As your faithful, trusty lookout, he deserves to travel in a carrier that will protect him from the elements!

The Shell Dog Carrier by Push Pushi blends lightweight materials with a simple, clean design. Large mesh panels provide plenty of ventilation, while plastic windows give him full view of the world around you. The solid, soft cover blocks rain or the sun’s rays, and the carrier can be opened from either end.

“This is the perfect carrier for us,” Tori wrote. “Between the plastic and the vents she’s got plenty of ways to see everything. There’s a pocket that’s big enough for treats and waste bags, too!”

Gotta have both of those on hand!

The Push Pushi carrier is collapsible for easy transport, TSA compliant, and should adhere to most airline pet carry-on requirements. With padded handles for you and a removable padded liner for him, every journey you take will be comfortable and safe!

Features We Love

  • Front and back entrance with ample ventilation
  • Zipper storage pouch
  • Includes removable, washable padded liner
  • TSA compliant


Color: Teal, Yellow
Size: 17.5" L X 11" H X 12" W
Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all the measurements fit within the limits you see, with some room to spare.

Included: 1 Pc Push Pushi Shell Dog Carrier