Flat Doggie Bed with Attached Pillow

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Have you forgotten what it’s like to stretch out in your own bed? Or maybe your friend prefers sleeping on the floor, but could stand to have a little more cushion and warmth.

The design of the Flat Doggie Bed promotes a healthy sleeping environment, with stereoscopic filling that provides sturdy, yet comfortable support for her hips and back. The breathable material features a zipper design, which means pulling off the machine-washable cover is a cinch.

The bed comes in two sizes and soothing, neutral colors. Plus, the attached pillow makes such the perfect head or chinrest for your doggo, you won’t be able to stop snapping pictures!


  • Cozy yet breathable material
  • Zipper design for easy cleaning
  • Available in two sizes


  • S - 23.62 x 13.78 in (45 cm x 40 cm x 12 cm)
  • L - 33.46 x 17.72 in x 5.5 in (58 cm x 45 cm x 14 cm)


Material: Cloth, Cotton
Color: Blue

Includes: 1 Pc Flat Doggie Bed with Attached Pillow