Denim Step In Harness + BONUS Leash

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This amazing denim harness (with bonus leash!) is made out of two thick layers of denim/jeans plus nylon so it's super strong for even the worst puller! Despite its strength, the denim is super soft and comfortable for your pup.

This is a step in harness which makes it easy to put on, and does not wrap into the sensitive armpit area or cause chafing.


  • Double layer of denim and nylon
  • Stainless steel hooks and rings
  • Available in 4 sixes

Size Chart

Size Pet Chest Leash Length
S 12.2 - 17.71" 4'
M 12.6 - 18.5" 4'
L 17.32 - 23.62" 4'
XL 21.65 - 27.55" 4'


Material: Denim, Nylon
Color: Red, Black, Blue, Pink

Included: 1 Pc Denim Step In Harness