American River Choke Free Ultra Solid Dog Harness by Doggie Design

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Oh, wow — look how cute this harness is!

I know you were just thinking it was time to get your dog a new harness. Imagine how good they'll look and feel when you put this one on them. It's a best selling harness for a reason!

The patented design is 100% trachea safe, conforms to the curve of your dog's chest, and has been strength tested up to 386 pounds. This means you've got a harness that's safe for walking and car rides!

The best part? A simple Step In, Wrap up & Go design.

Yep — it's really that easy!

Some harnesses have only a few options regarding sizing... but not this one!  From small dogs to large dogs, this safety harness comes in sizes starting at 2X-Small for your tiny teacup pups, all the way up to 3X-Large for your Collies and Golden Retrievers.

There’s a patented closure slide with 3-inch webbing that provides up to 3 inches of adjustment. Plus, you’ll have 8 sizes to choose from, and we’ve got a video below with tips on finding the perfect fit.

Combined with soft, mesh polyester, double safety closures, and zig-zag binding stitches, this harness will serve you and your dog well.

Features We Love

  • Trachea-safe patented design
  • Perfect design for walking AND car seat belts
  • Reflective strips for night time walkies
  • Machine washable, hang to dry


Available Colors: Black, Candy Pink, Paisley Purple, Red, Teal, Light Blue, Cobalt Blue, Hunter Orange, Fossil Brown, Coral

Size Chart

Size Chest Weight
2X-Small 9" - 11" 2 - 3 lbs
X-Small 11" - 13" 4 - 6 lbs
Small 13" - 16" 6 - 11 lbs
Medium 16" - 19" 11 - 16 lbs
Large 19" - 21" 16 - 25 lbs
X-Large 21" - 24" 25 - 40 lbs
2X-Large 24"- 37" 40 - 50 lbs
2X/3X-Large 27" - 30" 50 - 60 lbs
3X-Large 30"- 33" 60 - 90 lbs

Check out the video for American River’s “correct fit” technique in the product gallery!

Included: 1 Pc American River Choke Free Ultra Solid Dog Harness